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Elevate Your Skincare Routine

A Tailored Skincare Experience Just for Men by Doctor D. Schwab

Our complete line of skin and hair care for men has been meticulously designed to support your active lifestyle using a wealth of natural ingredients without adding unpleasant odors. Simply click and ship to add Doctor D. Schwab Men’s Skincare to your daily routine.


Men's Skincare Set

The Men's Skincare Set by Doctor D. Schwab is a comprehensive collection of 2 in 1 shave lotion & cleanser, shield cream, and anti-aging serum. The trio includes Shave + Cleanse Lotion, Restore Age Defense Serum, and Hydrate & Protect Shield Cream, which combine work to wash away dirt and oil before creating a protective barrier that allows your skin time to heal, rejuvenate, and always look its best.



Men's Travel Set

Keep your body feeling and looking great while on the road with convenient travel-sized versions of Double Duty Shave Lotion, Shield Cream, Age Defense Serum, our Natural Styling Gel, and our enriching Botanical Shampoo. Everything fits into a clear carry case, ready to fly through security and slide easily into your luggage.




California Botanical Shampoo

The Sea Enzyme California Botanical Shampoo Advanced Formula is step one in a three part system. Bring back that soft and shiny head of hair with our shampoo that is enriched with peptides and botanicals including wheat protein, citrus peel oil, rosemary, and ginkgo biloba leaf extract to create a healthier scalp which strengthens hair follicles, preventing breakage and stimulating new hair growth.

California Botanical Conditioner

The Sea Enzyme California Botanical Conditioner Advanced Formula is part two of a three step system. These Biotin peptides help to prevent hair loss, and inspire new hair growth, and makes hair feel thicker and stronger.

Botanical Hair Serum

Combined with our shampoo and conditioner, the Sea Enzyme Botanical Hair Serum Advanced Formula helps to restore the health of your scalp and your hair as the intensive stimulating serum helps to reactivate and strengthen new hair growth.

Features & Benefits

Purifying & Balance

Our unique blends of plant and sea extracts, vitamins, and herbs provide exceptional results with their natural ability to revitalize and nourish the skin. Antioxidants and free radical scavengers help protect against and reverse visible signs of aging and encourage the proliferation of healthy new cells. Naturally moisturizing botanicals provide intense hydration and soften the skin.


Whether it is for your face or scalp, Doctor D. Schwab products provide a soothing cleanse while also protecting with various vitamins, minerals and herbs.


Shiny hair, healthier looking skin, are what you will find in our men’s products, which are designed to enhance what you have, and help maintain a robust condition.


Peptides are a string of amino acids which create a chain of building blocks of proteins. Some products have ingredients like bladderwrack, which is a brown seaweed rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Such ingredients provide a boost to hair and skin, encouraging a glow and healthy appearance.


What Our Clients Have to Say

You really don't need much! This gel works great! I like that it has simple, natural ingredients and doesn't make your hair feel hard as a rock like some other gels on the market. It holds your hair in place while still letting it feel soft. I'm very happy with this product and will be purchasing another bottle today since it's on sale.


These products are really working so well! Every week at least a couple of times people who meet me or watch me on TV say "wow your skin looks great!" And I tell them all about these products and point them to this website. I've been using these consistently for the last few weeks now and it's fantastic.


I have been trying to find a quality shampoo and conditioner for ages! We've used Moroccanoil shampoo * conditioner, Pureology, Redken, you name it we've tried. After a few months of use both started to develop dandruff. My boyfriend's scalp was literally scabbing up, it was horrible. After a week of using Doctor Schwab's shampoo + conditioner his scalp is flake-free and his hair looks better than I've seen in ages. My hair has never been softer or fuller. I wish we were able to upload photos to show how incredible this shampoo + conditioner is.


Fresh, clean, and
made for men.