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Our Brands

Doctor D. Schwab®

The Power of Nature for the Beauty of your Skin.®

Doctor D. Schwab products effectively address a range of skin concerns while helping to prevent and reverse the visible signs of aging. The result? Youthful, healthy-looking skin. Botanical, nature-derived ingredients combined with proprietary peptide technology and Alphasomes® nano-technology produce superior product performance and results.

Doctor D. Schwab Clinical®

Harmonizing Modern Science with the Forces of Nature

Advanced scientific technology and innovative ingredients in the Doctor D. Schwab Clinical collection support physician and plastic surgeon clinical practices. A controlled delivery system ensures optimum results.

Ambrosia Aromatherapy

Take Your Spa Experience Home®

Stimulate the senses with our Ambrosia Aromatherapy all natural wellness skin care collection for use in massage and facial services. Soothing fragrances from the purest quality essential oils provide a sense of peace, tranquility, relaxation, and well-being for an unforgettable aromatherapy experience.

Sea Enzyme®

California-Grown, Ocean-Fueled, Nature-Made, Life-Loving Good Skin.®

Perfect for the active, outdoor lifestyle, Sea Enzyme products use the healing power of the ocean to deliver maximum effectiveness in minimum time. Key ingredients including algae, aloe, and deep sea enzymes give them their lush feel, moisturizing power, and gentle cleansing abilities, which help to revitalize, de-stress, and restore a healthy look to face, body, and hair.